• Antineutrino Detector Assembly.  Credit: PROSPECT / Mara Lavitt

  • PROSPECT-50 under construction in clean room. Credit: PROSPECT Collaboration

  • PROSPECT collaboration meeting at ORNL in Spring 2016. Credit: PROSPECT Collaboration

  • Model of HFIR reactor core.  Credit: PROSPECT Collaboration

  • HFIR reactor bay at ORNL.  Credit: PROSPECT Collaboration

PROSPECT—A Precision Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment

PROSPECT is a reactor neutrino experiment at very short baselines to make a precision measurement of the flux and energy spectrum of antineutrinos emitted from nuclear reactors. PROSPECT will search for the oscillation signature of sterile neutrinos and test our understanding of the emission of antineutrinos from the fission products in a nuclear reactor. The measurements of PROSPECT will test our understanding of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, deepen our understanding of nuclear processes in a reactor, and help develop technology for the remote monitoring of nuclear reactors for safeguard and non-proliferation. 
For more information see PROSPECT in a nutshell…

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